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A Comparison Between Improvers and Non-Improvers Among Children with Anemia Enrolled in the WIC Program

This study investigated the differences between children ages 1 to 5 in the Texas WIC Program who had improved anemia statuses and those who did not. Non-improvers were more likely to be those children who were younger, who lived in families with four or more children, who ate fewer snacks, and who never ate dried fruits. More parents of non-improvers incorrectly believed that their child had improved.

WIC Program: More Detailed Price and Quantity Data Could Enhance Agriculture’s Assessment of WIC Program Expenditures

To determine what effect WIC-only vendors ; growth would have on program expenditures, in the absence of recent cost-containment legislation, Congress asked Government Accountability Office the following questions: (1) What is known about WIC-only vendors ; growth and their share of the WIC market in recent years? (2) To what extent do WIC-only and regular WIC vendors differ? (3) What would WIC-only vendors ; contribution to WIC Program expenditures have been if their market share had increased? Government Accountability Office analyzed national WIC vendor data; interviewed WIC state officials about vendors ; business practices; and analyzed redemption data from California, Texas, and Florida.

Walk Texas! 5-A-Day Intervention for Women, Infants, and Children Clients: A Quasi-Experimental Study

This study was conducted to evaluate the Walk Texas! Clinical Counseling Guide for Nutrition, a brief, stage-based nutritional counseling guide designed for use in clinical settings. Primary measures included state of change, barriers to change, attitudes toward fruits and vegetables (F&V), self-efficacy, and self-reports of F&V consumption. Results were mixed. Although there was no significant increase in the cognitive constructs (e.g., self-efficacy, attitudes), participants in the intervention clinics reported a significant increase in the state of change and a composite measure of F&V intake.

Workplace Learning for the Public Good: Implementation of a Standardized, Competency-Based Curriculum in Texas WIC

The researchers analyzed participants; experiences after the implementation of a workplace learning program in the Texas WIC Program. The findings identified several best practices, including the importance of planning at multiple organizational levels, candidate selection, flexible implementation design, managerial buy-in, preceptor knowledge and availability, open communication, and the establishment of clear expectations and timelines.

Texas WIC Policy & Procedures Manual

Guidance for local WIC agencies in Texas on how to deliver WIC services in line with Texas Dept. of State Health Services – WIC policies and procedures.

Texas WIC Card Information Web Site

A Texas Dept. of State Health Services – WIC publication for participants on using Electronic Benefit Transfers (EBT) for purchasing WIC approved foods in Texas.