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Comparison of Food Intake Among Infants and Toddlers Participating in a South Central Texas WIC Program Reveals Some Improvements After WIC Package Changes

Breastfeeding initiation, breastfeeding duration, age of introduction of complementary foods, and exposures to baby food fruits, vegetables, and meats among infants did not improve after the package changes. Significantly fewer infants received cereal in their bottles and fewer toddlers consumed vegetables and eggs after the package changes.

Altarum Institute CPHMC Evaluation Report: Cohort #1

The Altarum Institute was NWA’s evaluation partner during the CPHMC project and created this evaluation report of Cohort #1 programs.¬†Altarum Institute‚Äôs Center for Food and Nutrition was contracted to conduct […]

Angelina County Healthy Food Referral Pad

Angelina County & Cities Health Department created this referral pad as part of their local work promoting healthy food choices. The pad was created in coordination with their “Choose Fresh” […]

Angelina County WIC Referral Pad

Angelina County & Cities Health Department created this Rx pad for WIC referrals during their participation in the CPHMC project. This pad was designed for providers to refer their patients […]

Making Americans Healthy in Every Hometown

As part of the CPHMC project, NWA and their partners on this initiative convened for an annual Training and Technical Workshop. After his participation in the April 2017 meeting Jay […]