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Making Americans Healthy in Every Hometown

By J Walljasper

As part of the CPHMC project, NWA and their partners on this initiative convened for an annual Training and Technical Workshop. After his participation in the April 2017 meeting Jay Walljasper wrote this article  for the Huffington Post highlighting the importance of community health. Walljasper is known for his passion for community health and storytelling.

“Storytelling has long served as a powerful tool, particularly among Native American communities, in giving voice to experiences, confronting illness and mortality, and connecting historical events. Stories are effective because they present essential ideas and values in a simple, entertaining form and can help motivate individuals and communities to action. His session described essential elements in the practice of storytelling and provided examples of Partnering4Heatlh stories that could be used to sustain and expand the initiative.

Walljasper is Urban Writer-in-Residence at Augsburg College, editor of Commons Magazine, and Senior Fellow at Project for Public Spaces. His memorable stories inform, inspire, and instill action in people to make a difference in their communities. Mr. Walljasper has authored four books and has chronicled the work of the Kresge Foundation, Kaiser-Permanente, Local Initiative Support Corporation, CEOs for Cities, Mayor’s Institute for City Design, Trust for Public Land, and many other organizations.” – 2017 Technical Assistance Meeting Agenda.



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August 25, 2017