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Using Data to Maximize WIC Program Impact

This webinar focused on three different strategies that document the many significant impacts of WIC program participation. The strategies were:

1. Maximizing the use of WIC EBT data

2. Using WIC data to describe health disparities

3. Demonstrating the importance of collaboration with the research community

Listen and learn how three of your fellow WIC states have used their WIC data to maximize program impact. Audience Q & A allowed for tailoring of the Webinar experience to the needs and questions of the attendees.


Janet Moran, MS, RD, LD and Tina Fearneyhough, MS, Wyoming WIC Program: Using EBT Data for WIC Decision Making

Joni Geppert, MPH, RDN, LN and Marcia McCoy, MPH, IBCLC  Minnesota WIC epidemiologists: Describing Health Inequities Using Minnesota WIC Data

Angela Odoms-Young, PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago and  Stephanie Bess, Illinois WIC Program: An Example of Successful WIC-Academic Partnerships: WIC to 5 Project

Date Added
January 25, 2018