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Infant Formula Crisis Social Media Toolkit

By National WIC Association

The safety and ongoing nutrition needs of infants are our primary concern throughout this formula shortage. To ease confusion and promote best practices, the National WIC Association (NWA) has created a toolkit with messaging examples and graphics that help agencies inform families about the recall and their best options. WIC providers can use this messaging on their websites and social media channels.

The newest toolkit additions cover messaging about safety dos and don’ts, increasing breastmilk supply, relactation, and breastfeeding education. Other topics include identifying recalled formula, returning/exchanging recalled formula, formula safety, and breastfeeding support. Content is available in English and Spanish.

Learn more about how the Abbott recall affects WIC participants.
Click here for the Abbott formula recall messaging.

Click here to download graphics.

This will be an evolving resource. If you have any outreach ideas or needs, please contact Whitney Dawn Carlson at wcarlson@nwica.org.

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Date Added
February 23, 2022