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New Mexico WIC and SNAP Integration

In May of 2022, WIC and SNAP began a historic collaborative partnership to coordinate efforts to reduce hunger for New Mexico’s families by building the technical infrastructure to connect the […]

Minnesota WIC Data Matching and Targeted Outreach

Minnesota WIC receives data quarterly from the state’s Medicaid program and uses it to identify individuals who are eligible for WIC but not enrolled and conduct targeted outreach via text […]

New York WIC Coordination & Application Assistance

New York WIC partnered with a statewide nonprofit anti-hunger organization to launch a targeted outreach program. This program was designed to increase participation in the WIC program with a focus on 20 […]

PHFE WIC: Text for Appointments

PHFE WIC Apply and Appointment Text Message Samples PHFE WIC, located in Los Angeles, CA, uses Teletask interactive texting software for two-way communication with participants to facilitate appointment scheduling. Participants […]