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Text Messaging

Minnesota WIC Data Matching and Targeted Outreach

Minnesota WIC receives data quarterly from the state’s Medicaid program and uses it to identify individuals who are eligible for WIC but not enrolled and conduct targeted outreach via text […]

Texting for Retention Program Colorado WIC Program

In 2015, the Colorado Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program was awarded a WIC Special Projects mini-grant from the US Department of Agriculture to implement their innovative Texting for Retention […]

Accessibility and Preferred Use of Online Web Applications Among WIC Participants with Internet Access

This study addressed the need for better understanding of WIC client use of technology, the technologies clients prefer, and how technology preferences change across WIC populations in the western region states. Authors found that: Technologies should be considered for addressing WIC clients’ needs, including use of text messaging and smartphone apps for appointments, education, and other WIC services; online scheduling and nutrition education; and a stronger Facebook presence for connecting with WIC clients and breastfeeding support.