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WIC Health Care Partnerships

Health Care partnerships are vital for WIC as they enable the delivery of integrated care, preventive practices, and personalized nutrition services. These partnerships facilitate enrollment, enhance health care access and […]

WIC Retail Partnerships

Retail partnerships play a crucial role in making WIC effective and accessible. By collaborating with vendors, WIC expands its reach, ensuring that participants have convenient access to a wide range […]

New York WIC Coordination & Application Assistance

New York WIC partnered with a statewide nonprofit anti-hunger organization to launch a targeted outreach program. This program was designed to increase participation in the WIC program with a focus on 20 […]

PHFE WIC: Text for Appointments

PHFE WIC Apply and Appointment Text Message Samples PHFE WIC, located in Los Angeles, CA, uses Teletask interactive texting software for two-way communication with participants to facilitate appointment scheduling. Participants […]

Oregon WIC Coordination with 211

Oregon WIC and four other public health programs have a joint contract with 211info, the state information, and referral call center, to provide information and referrals to any caller searching […]