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Exploring WIC Caseload

Since 2011, WIC caseloads have been steadily declining. Explore this curated collection of resources to learn about participant caseload in WIC and the work that has taken place to understand and respond to decreasing caseload. Resources range from research on the barriers to WIC participation to examples of strategies from local agencies to enhance the participant experience. In addition, this collection includes national-level data on WIC participation and coverage rates.


Resources in this Collection

Journal Article
Breastfeeding Is Associated With Higher Retention in WIC After Age 1
Abstract Objective: Examine factors associated with retention on the Special…
Recruitment Tool
East Side Health District Rx Pad
East Side Heath District created this referral pad as part…

Journal Article
Concerns and Structural Barriers Associated with WIC Participation among WIC-Eligible Women
WIC-eligible women with unintended pregnancies and fewer social supports tend…
WIC Outreach and Retention Survey Report
“The WIC program is facing caseload declines across the country.…
Monthly Data: State Level Participation by Category and Program Cost
This is WIC monthly program data on WIC participation by…

Proceedings: WIC Participant Retention Strategies: Pre-Conference Workshop
This resource includes presentations from the Pre-Conference Workshop on WIC…
Journal Article
Use of a mixed-method approach to evaluate the implementation of retention promotion strategies in the New York State WIC program
The article details several factors responsible for early exit from…
Modernizing and Streamlining WIC Eligibility Determination and Enrollment Processes
This project aimed to examine how WIC clinics can simplify…