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Crescent City & DHPE #Choose2BHealthy Videos

By Crescent City WIC, Directors of Health Promotion and Education

In celebration of the 2017 National Farmers Market Week, DHPE produced three #Choose2BHealthy public service announcements (PSAs) about the WIC’s Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program. To produce these videos, DHPE worked with Crescent City WIC Services during the CPHMC project to shoot video of farmers’ markets in rural Louisiana and interviewed Ben & Ben Becnels’ farmers, Audubon Nature Institute program partners, and Crescent City WIC staff to share the story of the WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program. The result is three PSA videos of various lengths that emphasize different aspects of WICs Farmers Market Program.

Crescent City WIC Services INC. (CC WIC) acting as the backbone agency established the Healthy Plaquemines Now (HPN) coalition in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana as a path to overcoming the community’s challenges of having food deserts and lack of other options for healthy living. The project’s primary purpose was to use the local culture to build a coalition that would be sustainable beyond the grant-funding period. The central goals consisted of addressing the local need, using parish resources with the epic center being strategically placed at the community’s newly built medical center. Most of the objectives of this project included using the area’s resources while honoring the residents’ way of living and other traditions. Using the community’s culture and propensity for resiliency, this project started building a coalition that was equipped, and most of all committed, to continuing progress beyond the funding period. This group served three connected parishes. This tri–parish alliance worked to assimilate the traditions and norms of the residents living in Plaquemines Parish into choosing healthy food options, maintaining optimal weight and managing chronic illnesses.

  • Eat Right – Long Life #Choose2BHealthy PSA, 1 minute, 45 sec.

This slightly longer version of the PSA places an emphasis on WIC nutrition education programs and introducing children to healthy eating in order to protect them from childhood obesity and developing chronic diseases later in life.

  • WIC Farmers Market Coupons #Choose2BHealthy PSA, 3 minutes

This PSA is a best practices example of the community partnership between the Crescent City WIC, Ben & Ben Becnel’s Farmers Market, and the Audubon Nature Institute. Through multiple interviews, we see the motivation and means by which the partners cross-pollinate their audiences to help each other grow.

Date Added
December 11, 2017

Crescent City WIC, Directors of Health Promotion and Education (2017) Eat Right, Long Life #Choose2BHealthy Video.