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Multi-State WIC Participant Satisfaction Survey – Survey Tool

NWA is partnering with the Nutrition Policy Institute (NPI) of the University of California to implement the Multi-State WIC Participant Satisfaction Survey 2021 project. The project goal is to collect feedback from participants on their experience and satisfaction with WIC during the COVID-19 pandemic to inform policy and operational decisions. In addition to NWA and NPI, the project team includes several WIC research partners and 12 WIC state agencies from across the country. The project was supported with a grant from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation.

The project team designed the survey using questions shared by state and local agencies that conducted participant surveys during 2020 as well as questions from national nutrition surveys. Survey questions cover a range of topics including interactions and appointments with WIC during the pandemic, shopping experiences, wellbeing and use of WIC cards and apps. Socio-demographic questions are also included, but there are no personal identifiers collected. The project team received input on the survey questions from the NWA Evaluation Committee, the State Director and Local Agency Sections, and the 12 state agencies participating in the project. The final survey question set includes both core and optional questions in English and Spanish.

Each of the 12 state agencies selected the optional questions to include in their survey, and they also chose response options for some questions based on their state-specific practices or terminology. Some of the states added a unique question to collect input on a process or project either implemented during the pandemic or under consideration for the future. NPI programmed customized, online surveys in English and Spanish for each state agency. The state agencies planned and conducted participant outreach for the survey during March and April of 2021 using a range of approaches such as text messages, announcements on a WIC app, messaging on state or local social media, and flyers handed out at in-person or curbside appointments. Survey completion was voluntary and anonymous. Two of the state agencies offered participants the opportunity to be included in a gift card drawing as an incentive to complete the survey, while the other states did not offer an incentive.

NWA and NPI anticipate sharing survey results during the summer and fall of 2021. Results will be posted on the Hub when they become available. The project team encourages all state and local agencies that plan to conduct participant surveys during 2021 to consider adopting questions from the multi-state survey. Using these questions will facilitate a comparison of responses from participants in your agency with a group of participants from across the country. It may also make it possible to expand the participant feedback on these questions beyond the 12 states taking part in the project.

A document containing the full set of survey questions in English and Spanish is available. Question variable names, response coding, and skip logic for programming the survey are also included.

The Maine WIC Program translated the survey questions in 17 additional languages. For information about these translations or to request copies of translated questions, please contact Maine WIC at wic.maine@maine.gov.

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Date Added
April 23, 2021