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Economic Impact

New Mexico WIC and SNAP Integration

In May of 2022, WIC and SNAP began a historic collaborative partnership to coordinate efforts to reduce hunger for New Mexico’s families by building the technical infrastructure to connect the […]

Online WIC Shopping: Frequently Asked Questions

With USDA expected to revise vendor regulations, this resource informs WIC stakeholders about the potential reforms that can be accomplished to enable online shopping options and unleash a new generation […]

Modernizing the WIC Shopping Experience

As SNAP scales up nationwide online shopping options, WIC must swiftly innovate to provide participating families with a modern and equitable shopping experience. Two parallel projects led by USDA build […]

Farm to Clinic Pop-Up Market One-Pager

This resource is a one-pager for an event called “Farm to Clinic” coordinated by the Carrboro Farmers’ Market (CFM) and Piedmont Health Services (PHS) in Carrboro, North Carolina. Farm to […]