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Recruitment and Retention of WIC Participants

WIC Health Care Partnerships

Health Care partnerships are vital for WIC as they enable the delivery of integrated care, preventive practices, and personalized nutrition services. These partnerships facilitate enrollment, enhance health care access and […]

WIC Retail Partnerships

Retail partnerships play a crucial role in making WIC effective and accessible. By collaborating with vendors, WIC expands its reach, ensuring that participants have convenient access to a wide range […]

2023 WIC Technology Landscape Report

Using Technology to Improve the Certification Experience for Participants and WIC Agencies This report builds upon a 2020 WIC Technology Landscape Report which sought to understand the changes to enrollment […]

Minnesota WIC Data Matching and Targeted Outreach

Minnesota WIC receives data quarterly from the state’s Medicaid program and uses it to identify individuals who are eligible for WIC but not enrolled and conduct targeted outreach via text […]

Fact or Myth?

This resource is designed to highlight some of the myths around WIC, such as the myth that you must be a U.S. Citizen to obtain WIC benefits. View it in […]

Stronger WIC, Healthier Kids and Moms

Researchers at the University of California Nutrition Policy Institute in partnership with Public Health Foundation Enterprise-WIC, Pepperdine University, and the National WIC Association released a policy brief sharing evidence-based recommendations […]