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WIC Application Tools

This collection contains online tools implemented by WIC state and local agencies to help families apply for WIC services. These include eligibility screeners, pre-applications, appointment request forms, and full program applications.

Resources in this Collection

New Hampshire WIC Online Pre-application
NH WIC Online Preapplication New Hampshire WIC’s online preapplication is…
West Virginia WIC Online Screener and Application
WV WIC Online Screener and Preapplication West Virginia WIC has…
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Minnesota WIC Online Application
MN WIC Online Application Minnesota WIC’s online application is available…

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Massachusetts WIC Online Preapplication
MA WIC Online Preapplicaton Massachusetts WIC has an Apply for…
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Oklahoma WIC Online Application
OK WIC Online Application Oklahoma WIC’s online application collects demographic,…
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New Jersey WIC Participant Portal
The New Jersey WIC Participant Portal allows new applicants and…

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Oregon WIC Online Pre-screening and Interest Form
Oregon WIC’s website connects potential applicants to the USDA Food…
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Texas WIC Application
Texas WIC’s website includes information about program benefits, eligibility requirements, and…
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New York WIC Coordination & Application Assistance
New York WIC partnered with a statewide nonprofit anti-hunger organization…

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California WIC Management Information System Interface for Eligibility Documentation
California WIC’s management information system, WIC WISE, has an online…
Toolkit for Assessing WIC Certification Practices
An online toolkit is available to help state and local…